Wooden Cutting Board Use

TastyReuben | Feb 22, 201910:08 AM     8

Ok, this is a little different than the usual clean/care question.

In short, how do you use your wooden cutting board?

I got a big fat JK Adams board for Christmas, and I've used it just about every day since. However, I still think I'm trapped in a bunch of myths about using one.

First off, I'm careful about any kind of liquid getting near it, save for what comes out of a veg or fruit that I'm prepping, then I *immediately* wipe it off.

Second, except for monthly treatments of mineral oil, I keep any kind of cooking fat (oil, grease, butter, shortening) away from it.

Am I being overly cautious? While I do handwash my board, I immediately dry it, and I've been told *any* liquid is bad news for the board. It'll soak it, it'll raise the grain, it'll discolor and stink, etc.

As to the fats, it's sort of the same thing; any oil besides mineral oil will soak into the board, never come out, and eventually turn rancid and ruin the board.

This comes from watching several cooking shows (some of the usual demonstration kind, and some - like Salt, Fat, Acid Heat - that feature in-home cooking. On SFAH, for example, in the final episode, she's in a restaurant kitchen, with halved new potatoes tossed in oil, skewering them on a wooden board, and later, at home, she dumps a spoonful of cooked beans in their cooking liquid onto her wooden board at home.

I realize cooking shows don't always present reality, and through the magic of editing, maybe some swaps are made that we don't see, but this program didn't feel that way.

So, things like chopping cooked (somewhat greasy) bacon on a wooden board...do you do that? Would you set oil-covered veggies out on a board while skewering them? Would you dump out a big spoonful of something very liquidy and let it hang out on your board?

I'd like to have One Board To Rule Them All, but these things give me pause.

What do you all think?


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