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only wonderbread will do? for tomato sandwich?


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only wonderbread will do? for tomato sandwich?

alkapal | Aug 20, 2008 08:03 AM

i went and made a fresh summer tomato sandwich with an arnold's country white, hoping it would approximate the unmistakable taste (non-) and texture that is perfect for slathered hellman's and juicy tomato slices with salt and pepper, namely: wonderbread. but, sadly, noooooooo.......

now, i know you all will try and convince me that plenty of better breads are out there for tomato sandwiches. yeah, yeah, but wonderbread's great ability to hold the juice/mayo without falling apart, and being a soft, pillowy morsel to melt in my mouth, is unsurpassed.

what bread out there will substitute?

ok, ok, tell me your best bread for tomato sandwiches?

and for what other sandwiches do you think wonderbread is essential?

(maybe it is simply a taste nostalgia thing....)

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