Help us wok tall (haha . . . no, really, help!)


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Help us wok tall (haha . . . no, really, help!)

onceadaylily | May 18, 2010 05:35 PM

So, I decided to season my cast iron skillet tomorrow, despite the fact that it is huge, and I have a pea-sized center of gravity, and a kitchen-loving cat, and very old oven mits. But this isn't about the skillet. It's about the wok.

Eight years ago I fell in love with a boy who came with his own wok. I know, right? Lucky girl!Unfortunately, he was a college student, and it was late, and he tried to season it with vegetable oil on an electric range. It . . . did not . . .turn out . . . well. The bottom is blackened, and the rest is, mainly, left unseasoned (there are some specks of amber haunting the surface). This valuable addition to our kitchen has lived its sad life in the back of whatever cupboard was designated for the unweildy or rarely used (hello, skillet).

I want to rescue it. I can pick off flakes of the (now) decade-old vegetable oil with my fingernail, if I work carefully at the edges. So, my questions are: what is the best method for cleaning this without harming the surface, and how to best season it properly, once I triumph.

Cleaning and seasoning. Help?

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