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Wok seasoning flaking off


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Wok seasoning flaking off

J.A. | Apr 17, 2006 03:11 PM

This weekend, I seasoned my new carbon-steel round-bottom wok using Kasma Loha-unchit's method:


I seasoned it on the stovetop using palm oil (sold as "organic vegetable shortening") at Kasma's recommendation, because it doesn't turn gummy at high temperatures like polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

I heated up the wok, brushed a coating of oil over the surface, and tilted the wok, subjecting each part to intense heat to burn on the oil. I intermittently used a paper towel to spread the oil around whenever it started beading up.

It worked great for the most part - I got a deep, even, red seasoning after about forty five minutes, then cooked a meal, then seasoned it again, getting a beautiful black patina after another half hour or so.

However, as I seasoned the last areas during the second round, some of the black seasoning near the center of the wok began to "bulge" a tiny bit, and then flaked off when I brushed it with the paper towel, leaving the bare steel exposed.

I re-seasoned that area, but as I did so, it started flaking off in another spot. This keeps happening - as soon as I finish re-seasoning a bare spot, the coating starts to flake somewhere else, always in the bottom third of the wok, never up around the sides.

What is going on? Do I just need to stop stressing and do some serious stir-frying?

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