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Wire Rack Shelving Unit???


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Wire Rack Shelving Unit???

Ali G | Aug 1, 2005 04:19 PM

I'm trying to be creative with space in my kitchen and I'd like to build a wire rack shelving unit similar to a baker's rack.

I would like to find the pieces separate so I can customize this unit myself. My thoughts are to have 3 shelves, bottom two for larger appliances such as a mixec, crock pot, etc, and place a piece of wood on the third shelf to hold a microwave. Above this I would like to have a thin wire piece that I can add hooks to and hang some frying pans.

Here is my question:

Where do I find this material??? I have checked Home Depot and no luck. They sell a lot of the wire racks that screw into closets, but I want a free standing unit similar to the ones found in restaurant kitchens to store pots and pans...I'm thinking back to my dish washing days in the kitchen. Target has a complete unit, but I would like to go about a foot wider and also thought I could build it a little cheaper buying the parts separate. Can anyone help???? National Chains or stores in the Boston area would be great.


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