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Winnipeg - Fusion Grill

foodiesnorth | Oct 7, 2009 09:11 PM

WOW! Just back from this fantastic meal. Went with four other diners, none of us from Winnipeg. Two of us were foodies, one somewhat a picky eater and the two others in between. To put it in a nutshell: one of the best meals I have had in some time. I am not by nature a raver and admit to being not easily satisfied by food or service. These guys were running on all cylinders for food, presentation and service.

Starters were fish cakes and panko crusted pickeral cheeks. The cheeks came with northern pike caviar and creme fraiche. I tried a bit of my companion's fish cake (pike and trout I think)...excellent. The green pepper soup was not a hit...too green peppery I was told. Well geez...what did he expect!

Mains were paella, duck, beef tenderloin with scalloped potatoes and a wild boar cassolet. Bad news first...the only bad news was the paella. Fortunately for me I resisted and did not order it, but another diner did and I tried a bit. Saffron was good, textures perfect, but it was far too spicy (not just the meat, the whole dish). It just hid all the unlying flavour and depth that a good paella must have. i could not figure out what it was...it was just hot...not a tasty heat, just capsicum heat.

Two of us ate the beef tenderloin. Grass fed local beef, absolutely perfect medium rare, tender, juicy and well seasoned (although adding a bit of finishing salt made it even better - the server graciously offered me some fleur de sel). Scalloped potatoes were moist, but toothsome, not the mush so many places serve. The veg was good, if a bit overcooked. great presentation.

The diner who ordered the cassolet annouced that he in fact had the best dish, but offered up nothing to allow us to judge it ourselves...he almost ate the dish it was that good.

The final of our crew had the duck confit and breast and annouced that in fact HE had the best meal at the table. He was, of course, also in error because there is no doubt that I had the best dish that night. He offered nothing to the rest of us either and left nothing but a bit of bone to confirm he had eaten there that night.

The deserts for us were a granny smith crumble and a callebaut brownie. I did not taste the warm crumble with icecream, but understand it was excellent. My brownie (with ice cream) was excellent too. It is hard to screw up a callebaut chocolate deseert and they certainly did not.

The servers were funny, engaging, personable and knew their food. They were amongst the best I have had in many a year.

The wine...my goodness...nothing but Canadian...WOW!!! We had a 2005 Osoyoos Larose "Le Grand Vin"...at $88 a huge bargain. Big full taste, perfect with all but the paella (and she was not drinking in any event). Small criticism is the lack of tawny ports (not even a 10 year old....when what i really wanted was a Taylor's 40!).

I may just eat there again tomorrow it was that good.

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