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Winnipeg City North End Kubassa Odyssey


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Winnipeg City North End Kubassa Odyssey

Bel Esprit | Jan 29, 2002 02:14 PM


Please follow along with the back and forth on where to find the best Kubassa Sausage in Winnipeg - and please, join in the conversation... Thanks.


when you do Billy and Billy's afternoon express, where do you go for Kolbassa? Which place has the garlicky and which the more fatty? My mother and I are off to do some important research this afternoon and would like this info...



i maintain that the BEST kulbassa is at metro meats on euclid. that's a right turn off main street just past the underpass. it's a corner store. then what you want to do is turn around and go back across main street to city rye bread and get yourself a loaf (sliced unless you bring along bread knife). you will need hot mustard. and a knife. if you do not eat the kub until later, you can try tossing it in the over for a bit - brings out the flavour! if you are really in the mood, grab a large fries from kelekis (take out only) and let them steam in the bag until you get back under the overpass and then hang a left and drive down to the docks near the old kids museum on the river. it is also the site where the 1919 general strike took on a menacing tone, just before they spilled onto portage & main and clashed (there's that word again) with the riot police (white riot - i wanna riot!). those fried, the kub, the city rye and a nice cheap bottle of plonk (or a crispy pepsi - NOT coke) and you are loving life.

billy? anything to add?

Billy #1


I've always maintained that Metro meats Kulbasso is shite, if you like dogfood. Way too fatty for me, to eat it I have to drown it w/ mustard, guzzle back a half litre of wine just to get it down.

I will admit that Billy is totally on with the City Rye, (my old suggestion of Kub rye was proven wrong and I will stand corrected), make sure the hot mustard is Keen's, the fries are a nice touch if just for a salute to Kelekis whom got their start after migrating from Greece and initially selling hot peanuts in City park, (we keep hearing that the burgers are tops).

I always liked the kulbassa at either the place just off Salter on Selkirk, (one of my fave streets in the Peg and accross from Club Siciliano), or at Zagreb meat market way up on main street. (A hint here too is their Ca-bo-no-sa (sp), which is kind of like a mini kulbassa/weiner and is excellent with the mustart that they sell only at Zagreb, a mustard/horseradish mixture, the bottle has a little polish girl on the
photocopied label, a la some babba's basement.

I think we have it now. There you have the perfect Billy/Billy Kulbassa run.

Billy #2


just so you know, my mother and I are conducting a very important A/B test this weekend with kulbassa purchased from metro meats (Billy #1 fave) and walwell on selkirk (Billy #2 fave). The results will
be released with some editorial comments vis a vis horseradish and mustard choices. we also have an assortment of baked goods from gunns for dessert.

north end, culinary centre of the universe.



***For immediate release****

well folks after extensive lunching yesterday here are the kulbassa taste test results. I anticipate some controversy, so perhaps we should look to expand this event to include actual categories and secret ballots at a later date.

the kulbassa contenders were one ring from Walwel meats on Selkirk Ave. and one ring from Metro Meats on Euclid. Metro def. wins for presentation as the side of the building is adorned with a billboard that says "Metro Meats, the Ringleaders of Kulbassa." Also, F.Y.I. Walwel is a polish butcher, Metro Meats, Ukrainian. After carefully warming the two rings in the oven and gathering an assortment of mild
and hot mustards, my mother, sister and myself sat down for the evaluation. The Metro Meats kulbassa is darker in color and somewhat chunkier in texture. The ring from Walwel possibly more ham like and yet
with a subtle garlic kick. My mom and sister were unanimous in their love of the Metro Meats ring. I myself, surprised myself as to how much I did not like the Metro Meats version (Looks like I am with you on this one Billy #2). Clearly the Walwel ring represents some sort of advanced seasoning method, very nice indeed. There is something a little too
mysterious about that ring from Metro, why is it so dark exactly? Molasses? Although when I announced my preference to my mother, I was reprimanded for suggesting that "subtle" is ever a good thing where
kulbassa is concerned. I am quite curious about the smaller diverse sausage sticks available at Metro, for example "teriyaki" flavour. Hmmmm. But until more research is done, I'm fully with Walwell, my mom
and sister with Metro. There you go.


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