Same wine, totally different taste?

jaykayen | Dec 2, 201410:38 PM     4

The wine: Chateau Doisy Vedrines, Sauternes 2007

Last year: Half bottle bought in 2009, stored at "room temperature" in SoCal which can get up 85 in the summer, and spent a few months in the fridge. Long finish, so delightful that I ended up buying...

This year: 750 bottle, bought from retailer a few weeks ago, at that time it was stored in a temperature controlled case. Reminded of a full-bodied moscato, "apple juice." No lingering finish. Improved a little as it warmed up to room temp, but I was disappointed.

Is it one of those things where the first time I experience something wonderful, it is the best, and it will never be as wonderful again?

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