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Wine "For Sale In Texas Only" ???

Midlife | Oct 7, 2013 11:30 AM

I'm not at all sure I understand this completely, but it appears that wineries in Texas can use grapes purchasd from outside the state and label the wine "For Sale In Texas Only", rather than identifying the specific source or using the appellation "America".


The only time I've ever seen the appellation "America" was on a wine that's part of Whole Foods' questionable $1.99 wine program........ an obvious attempt to counter Trader Joe's' Charles Shaw label (though I'm mystified as to why Whole Foods would think they should do that).

Personally I'd much prefer more specific source labeling, but I guess "America" is appropriate for sourcing in multiple states. It may as well say "Trust Us", but I guess that's what is being done at that price point anyway. I just hope it doesn't catch on.

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