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Wine Peaches

Rikerspharm | Mar 13, 2003 03:04 PM

I was in the Arthur Avenue market (Bronx, NY Italian shopping district) and one of the vendors had a box of peaches labeled "wine peaches"/"precoche". I bought a few, peeled and sliced them and macerated them overnight in red wine. Peaches were mediocre, but wine was delicious. Much like a sangria.
My childhhod memory is of my grandfather cutting up huge, juicy, hard peaches into red wine and my being allowed to eat the dark, wine-stained peach slices which were illicitly delicious to a five yr old. Long route to the question: What makes a peach a wine peach? There was definitely a specific peach that was used - called "precogola" (sp?)-in my family. Any Produce Pete's out there? Anyone have an e-mail address for David Karp?

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