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Wine pairings or non-alcoholic options in fine dining


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Wine pairings or non-alcoholic options in fine dining

Shannon Clark | Jan 1, 2004 09:06 PM

Hi all,

A recent Chicago board thread on Charlie Trotter's wine prompted me to ask a question I've been wondering about for quite a while.

Is it possible at a place such as Charlie Trotters to have wine with the meal, but request very, very small portions? (almost tasting portions?) instead of full glasses?

I ask this because I'm a very light drinker - basically one glass of wine or one bottle of cider is my upper limit (don't drink beer at all or any liquers).

(I think I may actually taste alcohol differently than most people - many wines and all liquers almost physically hurt and definitely are not enjoyable to my taste buds. The most alcohol I've ever had in one day in my life is a full glass of wine and part of a bottle of cider.)

Were I at a place such as Charlie Trotter's I would like to try the wines, but don't want to drink a large quanity of alcohol.

Is this possible?

On a related note, do any fine dining places such as Charlie Trotter's offer non-alcohol options with a tasting type menu? (i.e. something much more interesting than just water or soda)

I guess what I am thinking about would be paired juices, flavored waters (sparkling or still), handmade sodas, and the like. Perhaps non-alcoholic wines but those don't tend to be very good. I know that for many people the wine and other alcohol is a large part of the dining experience, but I'm also sure that I am not the only non-drinker/light drinker/designated driver who appreciated fine dining.

So any experiences with this?



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