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Wine Gift Etiquette

cgarner | Oct 26, 201108:33 AM

I am grateful that my friends and family think of me and always accept gifts graciously because of the intent of the giver but some of the bottles of wines I have received as gifts, I know I just won’t drink.

I keep some, to have a selection to offer dinner guests, because hey, different strokes for different folks…but they’re not really vintage wines so you can only keep them for so long.

Like a right now, in my ‘collection’ there is a bottle of Nando Fragolino, a Beringer gewürztraminer, a bottle of mulled wine from a local winery and a 1.5L bottle of white zinfandel.

Also I have the a few friends who make wine at home who will give me a bottle or two of their home made creations. If they come in recycled soda bottles, I’ll have some along with them and smile and then when they leave, I toss it. (horrible, don’t hate me)

.. and last but not least, my dearest father…he and I make wine nearly every year together. Usually good wine, from grapes not kits… we’ve done cabernet, a 60/40 zinfandel/merlot blend, sangiovese and a very nice petit sirah…

But he’s getting into experimentation recently and I’ve been on the receiving end of some full cases of his experimental wines…which range from apple-y and sweet (using an old apple-jack bottle to age red wine is not a good idea) to just plain bad (overly oaked and un-drinkable)

What do you do with these?

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