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Wind Crest Gas Cooktop CTG365D

PinkieT | Apr 21, 200811:49 AM

We're planning a kitchen renovation and want to switch from an old Modern Maid electric coil cooktop to a gas cooktop. We've never had or used a gas cooktop so we're not exactly sure what we need in terms of BTU's. My sister-in-law says she never turns her gas burners anywhere near high so not to be concerned about having a large BTU output burner but to look for something that has a low simmer burner. She has a Bosch and says the 5500 BTU burner is her lowest and it's still too high to simmer soups without burning.
We had seriously considered getting the Wind Crest CTG365D because we like the metal knobs and their placement, the burner configuration of highs and lows and the overall apperance of quality. Then a female saleperson pointed out how the stainless steel tray under the burners is not one solid piece and how liquid and other gunk could get into the seams and be extreamly hard to clean out. She recommended a Dacor cooktop because of the bead blasted top that would be much easier to keep clean. I would need to go with the PGM365 model to get a similar burner output to the Wind Crest and I'm not sure I like the placement of the knobs or the fact that they are plastic. I've also read several reviews that say the knobs crack, can easily melt, that the painted markings wear off easily and Dacor has very poor service. I would also have to pay about $300 more for the Dacor than the Wind Crest.

Does anyone have any experience with cleaning the Wind Crest. Would I end up hating it because I can't keep it clean? What comments do you have on the Wind Crest, Dacor and Bosch? Is there anything else out there I should be considering under $1800. Since I'll have to go to the huge expense of having a gas line run to my kitchen (another $1800) I want to make sure I won't regret my decision to cook with gas! I can't afford the high end names like Viking or Wolf.

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