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CreoleCook | Dec 7, 201312:01 PM

I just have to vent because I just experience the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time.

I ordered a product from William-Sonoma as a shower gift for my child. They promised the product in time for the shower which had more than 10 days lead time. It did not get sent when promised. We called and complained. Then spoke to a supervisor, who promised to overnight the product AND give a full refund so that it would be there the next day in time for the shower. Also, they promised to have a manager call back. The product STILL did not arrive as promised. The manager never called back. We were embarrassed not to have a gift at our own child's shower.

When we called them again about it. They then refused to honor the full credit they previously promised and told us that it would be another 3 days for the product to arrive. So, after over 15 days, we still do not have the product, they lied about the credit, the manager has never called back and we have no idea if we will ever receive the product.

W-S is way overpriced and their customer service is absolutely atrocious.

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