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wild and crazy "sampling" behavior..... what is your best story?


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Not About Food 145

wild and crazy "sampling" behavior..... what is your best story?

alkapal | Nov 30, 2008 09:11 PM

get this, today at trader joes, some guy -- after just eating one -- took the last sample of the seasoned prime rib (in the little paper sample cup), as i was standing there, and just about to reach for it.

and i looked at him.

he must've felt something funny in my look or he knew he shouldn't be taking it, and he sua sponte said "it's for my dog." -- then put the prime rib sample cup in his hand-held shopping basket.

<for your freakin' DOG?!?!??!?!, i think. yeah, like a "doggy bag" is for the dog!!!>

so i say, quizically, *it's for your *dog*?"
he says, "yeah."
and as he turns to get a coffee sample,
i try and catch his eye, then i say (somewhat like dr. evil), "right.... your dog....." and then (with humorous feeling, as if i'm a hungry dog): "woof woof!" he, of course, acts like he hasn't heard me. <i mean, theoretically, he could have laughed, right?>

as he turns back around from getting his coffee sample, he won't look at me. and then carries off his little basket.

with the "dog's" sample.

of prime rib.

now....WILL that dog be making the buying decisions in the household? the dog needs a "sample"? like, the dog is going to sniff, and turn down the prime rib because the seasoning is a bit off? riiiiiight.

WHAT in the hell is happening to my country???????????

<and please, just now i cannot abide any junior psychologists talking about passive aggression....>

what is your sampling horror/humor story?

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