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My wife's chicken soup stinks!


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My wife's chicken soup stinks!

Vital Information | Mar 28, 2002 10:21 AM

About a week ago, someone posted about a wonderful meal served by their children in honor of their 20th aniversary. I toyed with making a similiar post about how wonderful my wife's sedar was, but I figure that just opens the door to all sorts of "me-to" posts. So, I have a question instead.

My wife's chicken soup sucks. Everything else is wonderful, and I mean everything in the sense that she routinely pulls out thousands of dishes for these events. I mean how many people make a little home-made garlic mayo just to eat with the pre-meal hard boiled eggs. Then again, who else boils the eggs with coffee grounds and onion skins to achieve a cool "roasted" look. She produces dish after dish that are all wonderful. But, the soup, the soup sucks.

No matter what she does and what recipe she follows, she cannot make a soup that is beyond a watery, thin, whisper of a soup. What, my god, is she doing wrong. Is it only possible, as someone mentioned to me in confidence, to make real chicken soup by adding a bouillon cube or two?



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