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"White Trash"-themed barbecue: your suggestions?


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"White Trash"-themed barbecue: your suggestions?

Clams247 | Aug 7, 2002 06:10 PM

We're throwing out 3rd annual "white trash"-themed barbecue -- over SIXTY guests.

Some people consider "white trash" a perjorative. Obviously it's a harsh terminology, but we mean it playfully since many of our guests (and one of the hosts) identify themselves as white trash.

The way we mean the term, it describes Americans who don't identify with any ethnicity per se and who grew up within no cultural tradition beyond TV; not necessarily northern or southern, not necessarily rural, suburban or urban.

Here's where the chowhound challenge begins: I have asked my "evite" guests to propose their best examples of white trash food. I then hunt down ways to prepare the foods they list -- prepare it REALLY WELL.

For example, many guests in their ignorance consider "BBQ" to be the exemplar of white trash foods. Most just don't know real barbecue, so I set myself to educating them, preparing the best Carolina-style vinegar-based barbecue I can manage. "Cooked low and slow," etc. My best efforts turned out pretty well; many guests swore to me they had no idea barbecue could be so fine.

Other stuff I provide, in the best form I can manage: hot dogs, burgers, condiments, lemonade, jam cake, pork rinds, Buffalo wings, corn on the cob, pb&j sandwiches, black walnut cake, Jell-o shots, hash browns, fries with cheese and/or gravy, and mountain oysters. Plus rappie pie; technically Nova Scotian, but doesn't it SEEM white trash?

Only chowhounds can understand what I'm asking: what belongs on a white trash barbecue menu, and how can I do it up PROUD?

Let's try to keep this topic un-flame-y. Possible? It's a challenge.

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