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Westchester Favorites

jhopp217 | Feb 24, 200808:27 AM

Ok, start the abuse now. I"m just listing my favorite spots in Westchester, and you can either agree or disagree. What I'm hoping to get out of this is people's reaction and their places, so I might enjoy and possibly change my mind.

Burger - Kilt. It's my home away from home. Love the people that work there, and before I became a regular, I always thought they had the ebst burgers around. MY Burger of choice is the blue burger (medium rare). I also like the nachos, wings (well done sauce on the side), and potato skins. Chili and French onion soup are winners too.

Deli - Mona Lisa. The best bang for your buck and amazing food. Service is appaling so I suggest you call your order in, or learn to speak Italian.

Steak - Morton's. Been there four times in the past two years and have always had a great meal. I prefer Luger's, but hey, it's not in Westchester. Shrimp Alexander and the Porterhouse is the way too go.

Chinese takeout - East Bamboo. Surprisingly I find this food tastes the freshest of all the takeout places. If you want soup, go to Golden Duck on Garth Road.

Chinese sit down - Pagoda on Central Ave. Very different menu than takeout. Great fish, that is in front of you swimming 20 minutes before you eat. A little rushed on the service, but great meal every time.

Italian (Don't laugh) - Pizza & Brew. I've been going there for years and think that if it was served in a quanit setting with violins softly playing in the background, people would talk about this place the way they do a lot of great restaurants. And when four people get their bill and it's only $100 w/ drinks, how can you beat that?

Pizza - my favorite slice is the chicken parm at Amore in Scarsdale. Scarsdale Pizza Station is also very good. Crestwood is a staple, and Chubby's Deli has turned into a pizzaria/sandwich shop that is great. May I suggest the Thanksgving wedge. Their personal pizzas and paninis are also good. For a non-pizza dish, I like the Gyros at Pizza PIzza in Fleetwood.

Mexican - I used to love Burrito Poblano, the hole in the wall in Tuckahoe. The food is alwasy good, and how can you not like a place that you walk in with a song on the radio, order and walk out and the same song is still playing! Great service and fun place to relax. Thye had an electrical fire and haven't reopened. I have been going to Casa Maya for years, but a much better place is Maryann's in Port Chester. Great Salsa, amazing Margaritas (get the Royal not the Cuervo one). I am not here to bash, but stay away from Blue Moon. Been there 3 times and never once had a good meal.

Bagels - Garth Road. Hands down! Don't even bring you bagel thoughts, haha.

Thai - I like Garlic and Pepper in Tuckahoe, but it appears it's losing it's battle to stay open. Last time I walked in, someone was sleeping on the floor in the middle of the restaurant and they told me they were closed.

Best Beer place - I still like Lazy Boy in White Plains for a beer and some snacks. it's lostsome of it's luster from the 90's, but still enjoyable.

Best Sushi - Sushi by Jay in Scarsdale. I know I know, you can get it in Supermarkets, but go there for the fresh stuff.

Best BBQ - haven't been to Q's yet. I love Ribs on the Run though.

Best comfort meal - Thanksgiving dinner (always on the menu) at Joe's Quarry Inn. Also order the Hopper's Poppers. Why, because they are named after me! A surprise item that is delicious, are the chicken flautas - better than Mexican restaurants.

Best place for a romantic dinner - home! Cook you lazy bums! Plus, you're closer to the bedroom at home. Too much can happen on the ride home!

Best place to watch a game - Anywhere with a tv. Come on people. It's the people you're with, not the bar. I go to the Kilt. Some like MIckey's. Who cares!

Before you start criticizing me, here is what I look for in a meal. I want the food to be good. I don't really care about service, because the difference between great service and good service is so minute. I want my food to be warm when its' supposed to, or cold when its supposed to. I want decent portions, and I want some value. Why go to a hoity toity place lIke Mulino and pay $60 a person and leave hungry, when you can go to Pizza and Brew and pay $20 and have a better meal. Sure the ambience is lost, but is ambience worht $40 extra dollars? I want fresh. I know there are burger places all over th place that have good burgers, but I don't want them overcooked to hide the grey meat. I want to see pink! And hey, if you don't have fresh ripe tomatoes, then don't put old mushy ones on my plate, tell me you don't have tomatoes. I also did this without a lot of thinking about it, so I'm sure I forgot a lot of places. Give me your ideas.

Some honorable mentions;
Gina Marie's in Eastchester - it's lost something in the move from Fleetwood, but stillgood and the portions are enormous. Unfortunately if you are a service snob, you wll hate this place.

Maple Street Deli - a little spanish flare. Also right near my job.

Kelly's in Rye - great burger, nice homey atmosphere.

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