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Wegmans, Chowhounds and foodies. . .


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Wegmans, Chowhounds and foodies. . .

Tugboat | Mar 5, 2004 06:31 AM

The DC area just celebrated the arrival of our first Wegman's grocery store.

I have yet to visit, but look forward to shopping there based on their web site and the loyal following they have. They will be opening another closer to Baltimore that I plan on going to often.

After reading the many posts on the DC board from those who attended opening day, I was struck with a thought that I wanted to get some feedback on.

Many times a new person will post on the DC board, introduce themselves as a fellow “Foodie”, and then ask for helpful advice about a DC related question.

There are always one or two responses from "established" posters castigating the newbie for daring to call themselves Foodies and not Chowhounds. They are then referred to the main page to fully understand the edicts of the site and to be reminded what a Foodie is vs what a Chowhound is.

I have always found the attempt to categorize one term vs the other as rather silly, but as the moderators will say, it is “our site and our rules”.

Since it is a great site, I am all for following the rules.

But based on the sites definition of a Foodie, I found those that got up at the crack of early the first Saturday Wegman's opened to fall into that category and not in the Chowhound catagory.

They certainly were following something, if not "eagerly follow(ing) trends" as defined by Chowhound. And from all accounts, it was so crowded, it would be hard to image anyone was blazing a trail of any kind. They were barely able to creep down the aisles.

There was also this general tone that there were all of these rubes in their way and ruining the shopping experience (as if only a certain type (say a Chowhound) should have been there in the first place)

Now, again, I am not behind either term. I think most people are both Foodies and Chowhounds.

But maybe next time, instead of flaming someone for their food affiliation, you could just simply answer their question.

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