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Three Weeks in Denver

Victoria | Aug 25, 2005 05:26 PM

I've spent the past three weeks in Denver getting our condo ready to put on the market. I was without transportation so I did a lot of walking around the neighborhood (Capital Hill) for food and drink.

City Grill-They really do make a great burger. I've eaten there dozens of times and have yet to order anything but a burger, they're that good. Their much touted green chili is good, but not worth a drive. Decent neighborhood bar.

Charlie Brown's-Spitting distance from the condo so I tend to eat there more than I should. Great patio, decent bar inside, lousy food, mediocre service.

Le Central-Avoid the Monday and Tuesday night lobster special, not worth it. Get the mussels instead. The house pate appetizer platter is very nice. This may become my neighborhood fallback dining establishment.

Moe's Bagels-What is there to say about some of the best bagels of my bagel-eating experience. Or possibly I'm prejudiced because they slather your bagel with a half a pound of cream cheese.

The Irish Snug-or Snuggery, or some stupid fauxIrish cutesy name- BIG SIGH, damn it, I liked this place. I tried hard to sneer at it for being such a Disney-esque caricature but it sucked me in. I've been hearing about their Blue Cheese/Garlic/Bacon Dip served with homemade potato chips for years, and hot damn it was good. I sucked down a few Snakebites, ate the dip and watched the procession of people on Colfax and decided The Irish Snug/Snuggery is my new favorite bar in Denver.

Pete's Kitchen-I love this place. It's nothing special, but the vibe is wonderful. Plus, they make their corned beef hash extra brown and crunchy.

Gypsy House-My God do I love this coffee house. I first went there the last time I was in town, maybe three months ago. It appears to be run by mama, papa and the old gramdma, and if these people aren't extras in a movie as the "gypsy family" in a remake of Frankenstein or Dracula, someone in Hollywood is not scouting enough. Gramdmama came rushing into the shop, weeping and wailing about a traffic accident up the street, at 13th and Downing, and "there's dead people laying in the street, the blood the blood, body parts, missing limbs, dead people, blood, horrible". Pretty soon both mama and papa had joined her in the wailing and rending of garments. Turns out, it was a minor fenderbender with no injuries. God, I love high drama with my morning coffee. Mama also makes a mean latte. Her foam was the best I've had outside of Seattle.

Pasquini's-the one on 17th, not the one on Broadway. The most wretched meal of the trip. Absolutely disgusting. The pizza was black on the bottom, and not a good black, blackblack with cinders falling off of it, the cheese wasn't melted, the breadsticks were so cold the butter just laid on top of them like a brick...wretched to the nth degree. We've eaten at the Broadway location many times and loved it. We've eaten at the 17th street location before and loved it. It will be a long while before we get up the nerve to eat at either one again.

Zaidy's Deli-Yeah, I had access to a car one weekend. I love Zaidy's. The chopped liver/corned beef sandwich is heaven on bread. The corned beef sandwich with two massive latkes used in place of bread is to die for.

Viva Burrito-The best breakfast burrito in town. Period. Two locations, one on East Colfax across from that stupid cliff diving s*** for food Mexican place in all the guidebooks and the other on ....hmmm, possible Alameda, but that doesn't sound right, anyway, it's maybe two miles east of Colorado on some street that's near alameda, or turns into alameda...$1.99, as big as your head, made to order, crispy chorizo, crispy bacon, potatoes, green chili, God, my mouth waters just thinking of them. Way better then Little Anita's IMO, more Mexican, less New Mexican.

Denver Ted's Cheesesteak-Wow, Denver Ted is on to something. The Original was so good I went back the next day to see if it was just a fluke. It wasn't. The third day was even better. I swear, the juice and grease just drip down your arms when you take a bite. Very crowded at lunchtime but worth the wait.

M&D's BBQ- Pretty good Q, but I'm not loving the new gussied up restaurant, talk about stark and sterile, turned me off. I'm not comfortable eating good Q in what resembles an Amish Denny's. Something about it didn't feel right. Sam Taylor's is pretty good, and there's a decent one on Colfax, Memphis Joe's??? maybe, they advertise in Westward every week. Very friendly staff.

We'll be looking for another condo or second home in that general vicinity in the spring, so if anyone has any other great dining/drinking not to be missed places, please advise.

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