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Weekly meal planning for the indecisive

fldhkybnva | Feb 14, 201412:29 PM

I am always very indecisive when it comes to lunch and dinner and would like to start a weekly meal plan so I know what's ahead and don't spend an hour vacillating before dinner. It would also be nice to stop proliferating options for dinner and actually get around to cooking the ideas on my very long list. However, I find this very difficult to do as I fear that I won't want whatever is on the plan for that night and am so used to deciding on dinner the day of dinner or even a few hours before that I have no idea how to schedule the meals. I guess perhaps many just put the meals on the calendar and that's the plan, no need to predict what I might want for dinner on Tuesday. For the weekly meal planners out there do you just go with it or let yourself change the plan if you have other ideas? I was thinking that perhaps forcing myself to follow a plan for a week would help me get into the groove of a long-term plan and I'd learn to live with it.

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