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Weekend Shopping: jerky, sausage & rice crackers


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Weekend Shopping: jerky, sausage & rice crackers

joypirate | Mar 31, 2003 01:31 PM

This weekend I spent a fairly extravagant amount of money on some interesting little finds and I thought I’d share them. Dax was looking for jerky a while ago and, while in the Super 88 in Allston on Saturday, I happened to come across some $9 beef jerky (though they also had pork) at the inside end of the rice cracker aisle and I felt like I must try it. It’s called “Kho Bo Cay” yet made in California and not really worth all that money. Basically it’s dusted with chili powder and crushed red pepper and doesn’t seem to have that nice, juicy (oily) flavor to it that invariably stops the jerky from tasting like what it is – dried meat. It’s ok mind you, just not worth the price. They also have other kinds that say they are “red berry hot” which, per the ingredients, means strawberries are involved. I’m curious about that and don’t rule out buying some for comparison. While there I also picked up two bags of different kinds of rice crackers, obviously they have a much better selection if you prefer one particular kind of rice cracker to another you can buy an entire bag of that one kind, but on the whole nothing too much tastier than what you can get elsewhere – though I should qualify that by saying that I’ve never tried the enormous looking ones that look almost like pork rinds (their labels had no English on them so I didn’t risk it). Were those the shrimp crackers? Maybe I need to give those a try.

I also picked up a bag of Espresso Yaucono from Puerto Rico for a good price to use in my stovetop espresso maker. They’ve got some good non-Asian stuff at times.

Also, the big Shaw’s on Comm Ave now has some cool new sausages in their ‘weird meat’ section (where someone was referred earlier for kangaroo – which I didn’t see on Saturday, by the way, though I think I’ve seen it there before). I picked up a package of Wild Boar sausage with Seville Marmalade, as well as a Duck and Pork Sausage with Cranberries. A company called “Chateau Royal” makes them and per the web they also have Buffalo with Chipotle Chilis and Venison with blueberries and elderberry honey wine. Sunday night I made the Boar sausage with Rigatonis, fresh spinach, baby bellas, garlic, shallots, chicken broth and fresh grated pecorino (based on an Epicurious recipe). It was really good (went well with Bass and Alias) but surprisingly mild (I guess I was expecting it to be gamey). It would be lost in a spicy marinara but might do amazingly well in a quiche or with more breakfast-like fare. In the interest of full disclosure I should add that some of my guests, though delighted by the meal, briefly felt as if we had a wild boar set loose on our lower GI tract.

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