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Weekend eating: Fiore, Loteria, Coffee Table, Briganti.


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Weekend eating: Fiore, Loteria, Coffee Table, Briganti.

Clare K | Oct 23, 2006 04:16 PM

Too much eating this weekend, but most of it was worth it and very good.

Friday evening, met a friend at BJs in Burbank for happy hour. Probably should have gone to the Thai place, but it seemed very crowded so we opted for the sure thing. Split the avocado spring rolls, chips & salsa and a mini deep-dish pizza with the works. The spring rolls (deep fried) were ok...way too much avocado and not enough other flavors. Chips and salsa were good, and the pizza was actually really tasty. But man, did I feel like I did some major damage. Next time, a mini pizza and a salad will be in order.

Saturday night, tried the Italian restaurant Briganti in South Pasadena. Excellent all around. We split the beef carpaccio which had a drizzle of olive oil, argula and shaved parmesan. For dinner, I had the rigatoni with a tomato/pancetta/onion sauce. The flavors worked perfectly together. Friend had a pappardelle with mushroom sauce special, while sister had the pappardelle with bolognese. Both incredibly flavorful and the pasta was perfectly cooked al dente. The service was impeccable, wine was reasonable and I will definitely be making this place a regular fave.

Sunday hit the Coffee Table in Eagle Rock for brunch and had the Eggs from Hell, easy on the hell, eggwhites only and light on the cheese. I have a pretty high tolerance for hot sauce, but if you don't ask for easy hell, you will blow your head off - believe me. Easy hell is STILL very hot and spicy. Comes with housemade black beans and a tomato tortilla. Always tasty.

Later that afternoon, we hit Fiore in downtown LA. Opted for their original yogurt with no toppings. Now I have never tried Pinkberry, but I've heard this is the same thing. The yogurt was nice and tangy, but it wasn't as great as I thought it'd be...definitely could have used some toppings. I only ate 5-6 bites before I grew tired of that sour taste without anything to balance it.

In the evening, we took advantage of the nice day and went to the Farmer's Market at the Grove. Had the chicken mole, cochinita pibil and shredded beef tacos at Loteria. All amazing! My new favorite is the shredded beef, which comes with a hit of guacamole and some cilantro and onions. Probably could have eaten more, but I think I did enough damage for the weekend!


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