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Water- how is it in your city?


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Water- how is it in your city?

SaltyRaisins | Aug 18, 2009 11:26 PM

The original ingredient...I grew up in Southern California and only knew the flavor of water vacuumed off the desert floor and heavily treated- some cities in the coastal desert had better stuff than others, but for the most part they were only different in concentrations of flouride (which I am certain is a contributor to the relatively good state of dental health in the US), salts, and chlorine. My city even had desalinated seawater for a while- the worst tasting by far. My opinion of civic engineering and water taste changed after a trip to Rome: the stuff was so delicious, mineral, cool and quaffable that it made a trip to the fountain on the corner the ultimate dessert after a night of serious eating and drinking. After tasting New York's supply, I believe that everything they say about that city's supply is true- and makes it good enough to guzzle from above while taking a cold shower on a hot summer's day. How's it where you are? Artesian, surface, ground, melt, fossil, or rain- what do you like best? Put your city forward for having exceptionally good, or bad, water.

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