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DavidH | Apr 21, 2002 02:32 PM

More and more I am using bottled water. For juice, for coffee, for all cooking needs - especially baking. I haven't tried making beer yet but I probally would use bottled water there too. I find it does make a slight difference. I am using so much of this now that I need to set up a pipeline between the source and my kitchen to replace my lugging the jugs home all the time. However, I did see a tip by John Ash that if you cut an avocado and run it under tap water (only tap works) that it will retain the color and not darken. I have kept sliced avocado on the counter for up to say 2 hours using this approach.

I have been buying distilled water. What do you think and is there a difference between companies or brands. An afterthought is I seem to be drinking more and more ice water at restaurants these days yet a lot of times I have to ask for it. Thanks

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