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Washingtonian: A conversation with Rachel Laudan - Why Michael Pollan Is Wrong About Artisanal Food

Melanie Wong | May 30, 201511:19 AM    

"... Without historical perspective, it was easy to assume that delicious foods in the past reserved for the wealthy (tasty sauces, sweets, fresh fruits) or available only seasonally (tomatoes, milk, eggs, fruit) had been the norm. And since they had been made by hand or appeared to be only lightly processed, then down with industrial processing and cheap calories. And it was easy to forget that many delicious foods, chocolate and wine spring to mind, are among the most highly processed of foods.

So industrial processing became a shorthand for bad food. Another example of how language can lead astray. Artisanal versus industrial does not map on to good versus bad food. And in my opinion, the way to solve what are now seen as problems—too high a consumption of highly refined fats, sugars, and oils, for example—is not to reject industrial processing but to turn it’s extraordinary resources to make higher quality foods available. And that’s happening... "

Why Michael Pollan Is Wrong About Artisanal Food

We don't need less industrial food, Rachel Laudan argues. We need BETTER industrial food.

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