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Reheating Tortillas

Warming corn tortillas


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Warming corn tortillas

kc girl | Mar 31, 2004 04:03 PM

How can I properly warm corn tortillas so they are firm, flexible, and warm?

Is the brand of the tortilla going to make a difference because of the fat content? I usually just buy them at Charo Chicken or Mexican restaurants so I don't know. The ones I bought at the store are by Mission and are only 1 gr. fat and 14 carbs. Not bad tasting. But, I want the warm, flexible corn tortilla that doesn't break apart. Any hope with them?

I wrapped them in a wet paper towel and micorwaved them. They got warm and moist, but still broke apart like they were cold. Anyway to do it in the microwave?

Thanks in advance.

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