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Warm Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Coffee Tart - SUCCESS!


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Warm Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Coffee Tart - SUCCESS!

Foodie2 | Apr 13, 2006 09:32 AM

Thanks to Aaron's recommendation, I made Joanne Weir's Warm Chocolate, Cinnamon, and Coffee tart (2 of them) last night for a birthday party. It was easy to make (whipped it up between getting home at 6 and party at 8, in addition to making dinner, though I did make the crust the night before), delicious, and quite a success. The interior was a really soft, very tasty, intensely chocolatey treat that tasted like Mexican hot chocolate in solid (well, gooey) form, and not *too* sweet. For true ease, I might experiment with making it again, but as a warm pudding, no short crust, and baking in a water bath. I suppose you could use a premade pie crust, too. I highly recommend it as an unusual dessert for chocolate lovers -- the complex flavors shine, and it's a nice rich chocolate alternative to a flourless chocolate cake. The eggs make it "lighter", as my grandma would say!

Also, 1 little single-serving bottle of Kahlua provided me with just enough to double the recipe (4 TBSP)... now I've got 3 leftover little Kahluas to experiment with! Thanks Aaron!


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