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was this waiter's actions impolite or not?


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was this waiter's actions impolite or not?

Mani | Jun 9, 2006 10:30 AM

So I was at a mid-priced restaurant (with tablecloths and cloth napkins) for lunch which was completely empty except for me and a dining companion at the window of the large dining room. After ordering, we were waiting for our food, when I noticed that my fork was dirty. So, instead of bothering to call out to the waiter who was not in the room at the time, I decided to turn around and just grab the fork from the neighboring table. Just at that moment, the waiter walks in at the far end of the room who noticed me doing this. He promptly takes a fork from the service station and marches clear across the room, to place the missing fork on the neighboring table behind me. Not a word was spoken, and I thought nothing of it.

Question is, do you think this was rude of him to do this? Wouldn't a more discreet waiter have replaced the fork at another time than to 'correct' a diner's actions immediately after the fact?

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