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Wacky sandwich fillings

Martyn | Sep 28, 2001 07:07 AM

This deli I used to live near, the owner had a yen for taking a slice of this, a spoon of that, a spoon of something else and a dollop of something completely different altogether and putting the lot between two slices of bread. Each of these artefacts had a different fantasy name which she used to list in lurid pink and green chalk on a blackboard.

An example: 'Jane's Addiction' - chorizo, houmous, bulghur wheat, dill, beetroot and coleslaw.

One day I was in there buying cheese and I gave in and bought one of these things. While each of the parts was nice in itself, the whole was like eating white noise. Unchowhoundish I know, but I made a note to self there and then: In future, Play It Safe. Cheddar and tomato, BLT, all the way.

But yesterday I found myself tempted by a roll containing chicken, bacon, banana, peanut butter and something called 'lo-fat' mayonnaise. It was rather tasty, in a nursery food kind of way.

So my question to readers is: what zany combos do you know which defy expectations and work? Or most definitely, catastrophically, do not work?

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