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Viking oven horror story

rainey | Jan 29, 201210:05 AM

A friend just told me an awful story about her Viking wall oven. It broke and they had to call for a repair. The authorized repair person had to special order a part that they had to prepay for. When it arrived the box was labeled with the correct # but the actual part inside was something else and completely useless to the required repair. The service person would not give them a refund because he said it was Viking's error.

They, of course, called Viking. Viking gave them no satisfaction. They said that was impossible and they took no responsibility for what happened between when "the right" part left their facility and the wrong one arrived at their house. They said, further, that there was no single part available for that particular repair and that they'd need to order a $700 kit. In addition, they said that since the oven was 13 years old they couldn't guarantee that the kit that would arrive would fit the oven they were not longer making replacement parts for.

My friends ended up replacing it with a Wolf but I was really horrified to hear how little customer support there is for a top of the line, essential piece of equipment when an ordinary builder-type built in should have a useful life of about 16 years. I'm also really perplexed since I have a mid-line Viking sewing machine and a much more expensive and over-engineered Bernina. I always go back to my Viking since it's a workhorse with flawless performance. But my friend adds that she has since read that Viking is now using rebuilt parts in new appliances.

Can this be possible? Is this typical performance for Viking kitchen appliances?

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