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Vienna Home Bakery, Prague Deli, Exotic Tandoori

Vinnie Vidimangi | Dec 12, 2004 01:16 PM

Tried Vienna Home Bakery for brunch yesterday. The place wasn't for us. Marie Couilliard is not nearly as good as her reputation and for the prices she charges she should be. At $8, the scrambled eggs shouldn't be rubbery; it wouldn't hurt her to give the customer three eggs not two; there should be more on the plate accompanying than two small rounds of buttered rye toast and a bit of fried potato (which was good). A good start would be to use a bigger plate. And this meaness in a place where the equipment and renovation costs were minimal.

The Ms. had the scrambled eggs. Knowing that we would be going elsewhere ,I asked for the the ginger muffin with lemon curd (on the side, as butter). The muffin was as cute as a button and about the same size. Tasty but quite a simple thing to make, the lemon curd was good. $2.50.
The Ms. said her latte was very mild; my tap water was infused with lemon, but the lemon had sat around in the pitcher too long and had turned a bit.

Summary: Unambitious, flawed, a bit precious and far too dear. Reasonably solid but no real talent shown, no reason to go back. Must be some sort of cult thing.

We continued at Prague Deli, a few doors west. There is hot food at the back. Everything looked good but everything that I otherwise wanted had pork in it, so I passed and kept going. Will return for the duck plate and will not ask too many questions.

Next stop. In a previous post about Pakistani takeout, someone had written that Exotic Tandoori on 11 Charles St. (east of Yonge) had the best naan that he had had in North America. So we went there for the bufffet. I looked at the buffet and decided on the strategy of asking for a naan ($1) to go, saying that there was no parking and that was a problem. The person working started the naan and unfortunately said that I could park behind his shop. I thought that it would be embarrassing to refuse and for $5.99, what the heck. After all they had the best nann in NA. I parked. I had the buffet. What a mistake. I was violated. The naan, my quest. It tasted very yeasty or undercooked, even though leaving it in longer would have burned it. Otherwise it was reminiscent of bad Pizza Pizza crust from a few years back. The Ms. made me swear off Indo -Pakistani adventures even though she quite likes good cooking from these cuisines and enjoys the heat.

The best naan that I have had is at Kabul Farms Restaurant on Wilson past Keele, in front of the mosque. It does vary a bit. If you go, have the green tea, which has cardamon and is also delicious.

I wouldn't recommend on a first date going to Kabul Farms for naan and tea rather Vienna Home Bakery for a muffin and coffee, but the former is a lot better(and cheaper.)

And so... to the toilet.


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