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Vespa (Little Neck, Queens) Revisited


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Vespa (Little Neck, Queens) Revisited

Annie M | Apr 19, 2006 09:14 PM

I haven't been to Vespa for a while (maybe 6 months or so). It used to be one of my very favorite Italian restaurants in Queens and I've always been happy to recommend it to others.

"Used to be" are the key words. I was so disappointed tonight, particularly with the service.

For example, under "Zuppa" (soup) the menu says "ask" to find out what soup they are serving. We ask. We are told (by our server, Fernando) "Bean." What kind of bean, we ask. "Brown" says Fernando. We hesitate, waiting for some elaboration. Nope, nothing more than "brown" is forthcoming from Fernando. We ask: "Is it like a pasta fagioli?" "Yes" says Fernando, "without the pasta."

Ok, we can take a clue. That's all we're going to get in the way of a description.

We order the soup.

Out comes a bowl of a throughly pureed light green soup very similar to a pea soup. It tastes of beans, but it's not what we were expecting. No big deal, it had a nice flavor but is it too much to expect a bit of a description?

That's just one small example but that is very indicative of how it went through the entire meal. No interaction in any way (and it was an early dinner, the restaurant only became busy much later on when we were finishing up) so Fernando was not taxed by other customers. He was just bored, cold, and totally disinterested.

The rest of the meal was just ok. Meat lasagna, fegato alla veneziana, mediocre espresso.

I'm not rushing back.

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