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Venting for an island induction cook top

asmith30 | Sep 27, 201308:29 AM

We recently had a gas leak in the line that supplies our kitchen island gas cook top. Through the attempt to repair it, we discovered that the after market installation of our gas line (which occurred before WE purchased the house) was not done properly and will cost more than we want to pay to repair. Thank goodness there was never any explosions! Eventually we may remodel and will then move the cook top to an outside wall so we can have a gas cook top again. Now that the plumber is capping our existing line we have to shop for something new. I'm looking at induction and am wondering how to vent it. Our gas cook top had a downdraft ventilation system as it is on our kitchen island. Above the island is a chandelier. If we go with induction, how would we safely ventilate? I realize we probably don't need the strong ventilation with induction that we had with gas, but we will need something. We haven't gone to any appliance stores to shop yet as we just got the sad news from our plumber so perhaps the helpful people at an appliance store will have more info too. Thanks in advance for your input!

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