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Veggo's (soon-to-be) Famous Shrimp, Corn and Poblano Soup

c oliver | Nov 24, 200905:13 PM

I got this recipe from Veggo at the end of the summer and just made it yesterday for the second time.


14oz. can of chicken broth
16oz.+/- half and half
1/2-1# shrimp, shell on
2C white corn (fresh is best but frozen works also)
poblano puree to taste

I changed just small things from the original but Veggo was okay with that :)

Roast 3-5 poblanos. This is a major roast. Get them nice and black on all sides. Do the put in the bag thing; then peel and seed the peppers; puree in the FP or blender. Peel the shrimp, bring the broth to a slow boil and add the shrimp shells; cook 5-10 minutes. Strain reserving the stock. Add the half and half and bring to a simmer. Add poblano puree to taste. "To taste" is a very broad term depending on one's personal taste and the heat of the particular peppers. The ones I used were REALLY hot so I didn't use very much. When using more, Veggo said that the color is a pale green. Mine just had green flecks in it. To my delight, this puree stores great. When you're almost ready to eat, add the corn. The fresh is, of course, better but the frozen that I used yesterday was terrific also. When the soup comes back to a simmer, add the shrimp. (Veg had a good suggestion with the shrimp. Cut them in half lengthwise and then in half crosswise depending on the size of the shrimp.) I turned off the heat at that point and let the shrimp "cook." Once the shrimp are pink, "it's soup" as they say.

This is absolutely delicious. And we discovered back in the late summer that this tastes wonderful cold also. I had intended to post this a couple of months ago (Veggo was too modest) and life just took it off my front burner. I encourage y'all to try this. BTW, it reheats great also.

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