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Veggies in stew - questions


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Veggies in stew - questions

T in DC | Jan 23, 2004 12:10 PM

Nothing makes me happier on a bitterly cold weekend than having my bright red Le Creuset pot simmering on the stove. Last weekend it was pumpkin curry soup, and this weekend I’m in the mood for beef stew.

Cooking is sort of new for me*, and I seem to have a huge problem following directions (i.e. recipes, but this probably applies across the board) so I haven’t tried a lot of rather obvious things, like root veggies in stew. I tend to toss in whatever I have on hand and make my pantry fit the recipe. (Lesson learned: I no longer will use russets in stew – they tasted like Play-Doh.)

Question: are there any tips or techniques to adding things like turnips to stew? Do they require extra, separate cooking time due to their texture? What about mushrooms – due to their water content, do they get special treatment?

Any suggestions for good things to add to my concoction?

I’ve added carrots, celery, and potatoes per what recipe (or 3) I’m using, but I really hoping today’s shopping will yield something new that will make my stew a 50/50 mix of vegetables and meat. FYI, I use the carrots both in a mirepoix (sp?) and thrown in at the same time as the potatoes.

*Figured out about 3 years ago that I like to eat, I know what the food is supposed to look/taste like, I can read, and – at the time – had time on my hands, so how hard could it be try and cook? So far, not too bad. My dream is to one day be able to look in the fridge and spontaneously throw dinner together.

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