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Vegetarian "Meat" alternatives


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Vegetarian "Meat" alternatives

sjohnson55 | Sep 18, 2011 09:30 AM

As a baptized Seventh-day Adventist I have gotten acquainted with many good vegetarian dishes. Some of these are unknown to the general population but well known within the church. The church runs stores all over the United States called Adventist Book Centers from which you can buy a variety of Worthington and Loma Linda foods which are part of the Kellogg Company, and two other brands-- Cedar Lake and Morningstar Farms. All are processed veggie foods that are hard to find elsewhere. As good as they are I've never understood why these companies don't promote these foods more. My absolute favorite is a Worthington product called Original Fri-Chik, followed by Skallops, Tender Bits, Choplets, Dinner Steaks, Multi-Grain Cutlets, Prime Steaks and Big Franks among many others which people normally can't find in the average grocery store. These foods are grain glutens, nut mixtures and soy proteins. For you die-hard vegetarians who are curious about these and other foods you might try "" They have recipes and listings from which to buy these foods. You can even buy them online there.

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