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Vegetarian entrees/"main" proteins for omnivores?


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Vegetarian entrees/"main" proteins for omnivores?

The Dairy Queen | Jun 24, 2008 06:35 AM

My apologies if this has been done before, but I just wasn't sure how to search on it.

So, for a number of reasons, including budgetary, political and a desire to get maximum benefit out of my CSA, I've recently decided that I'd like to try to cook a couple of dinners a week that are vegetarian. The problem is, we're avowed meat-eaters at our house and, somehow, it just doesn't seem like dinner to us unless there's a slab of protein on the plate, or, at least small bits of protein (like you might find in a stir-fry) etc. Otherwise, it just feels to me like I've just been served a side dish. Also, I am always concerned about getting enough protein due to some blood sugar issues.

I've tried using tofu, seitan, and tempeh and have gotten pretty good results from the first two, not so much from the tempeh. But, my default always seems to be tofu, which, I can imagine might get boring pretty quickly, even if I change up the way I prepare it. I have a number of vegetarian cookbooks, including the COTM for July Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, and the May COTM Flexitarian Table by Peter Berley, as well as Berley's "Vegetarian Kitchen" so I've got access to a fair amount of vegetarian recipes, but I think I need a nudge or two to get out of the tofu section.

Any ideas for the kinds of vegetarian main dishes that I should be looking for in my cookbooks to satisfy a couple of meat-eaters? Also, I'm still following my weight loss program, so, while small amounts of high-fat foods are fine, I still need to avoid dishes with more than an ounce or so of cheese or nuts.

Thank you,


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