Best Vegetable/Herb Seeds

zackly | Feb 20, 201809:35 AM     8

My wife is an excellent flower gardener with no interest in growing vegetables. Two years ago she grew some tomatoes and herbs but the tomatoes were mostly eaten by the squirrels, birds and rabbits. Last summer she grew herbs in a planter and that worked out well. This year in addition to the herbs, she has agreed to also grow some tomatoes in containers. In the past we’ve always bought “started” plants but this year she’s going to start them from seeds in the basement where she has grow lights set up. My question is, are there better brands of seeds or can I pick up anything at Lowes or Home Depot? Also, do some types of tomatoes grow better in my region (suburban NYC)? I want to grow fairly large round tomatoes, about the size of a baseball, not the Roma style. I’ll be slicing them, mostly for tomato/basil/mozzarella salad. Thanks!

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