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Help! Non-vegan looking for plant-based deliciousness...

linengirl | Jun 11, 201205:11 PM

Well, it had to happen some time. I am climbing down off my bacon-centric high horse and admitting that the vegetarian / vegan community may know some stuff I need to learn.

Last week, I made the painful choice (ignorance really is bliss in some instances) to watch the documentary "Forks over Knives". It's point (outlined more completely in the book "The China Study") is that a whole foods, plant-based diet (in other words, I think, a vegan diet) can do more to manage and even reverse the effects of heart disease and diabetes than surgery and/or medication.

That hits close to home, as fiancé had a heart attack a few years back, and now has a stent. AND he has been diagnosed diabetic. He works very hard at managing his blood sugar levels with diet, and is very health conscious, generally, and quite fit. But he takes a boatload of pills, of course, and they have a boatload of nasty side effects. And he watched the movie too, and would like to try eating like this.

So... Dairy-loving bacon-centric food-snob that I am... I need to re-educate myself.

I know delicious vegan food exists out there. It must. But my experience of both vegetarian and vegan has been pretty negative. Tofurkey (yech!), veggie burgers (double yech!)... Mollie Katzen's well-meaning but unenthralling casseroles...

Can any of you foodie/chow-ish folks out there recommend starting places for someone that wants to dip a toe in the vegan water for health reasons? And perhaps work up to wading or even swimming in the shallow end? Cookbooks you like? Blogs? Ideas? Approaches? Products?

Much obliged, as always!


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