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Vampire Tacos

Ed Dibble | Mar 11, 200807:24 AM

Down here in Southern Arizona, there is a new type of taco that seems very popular on both sides of the border. It is called a vampire taco. It seems to get its name from the distinctive treatment of the tortilla. The tortillas (either flour or corn) are griddled until they are charred and dried out and crunchy - looking something like a batwing. The concave side is then covered with a thin layer of melty white cheese and carne asada is loaded on top of that.

When it is served to you, you can then add various toppings like guacamole, salsas, et cetera. The resultant taco combines various tastes and textures. It also makes great finger food because its shape and crunchy stiffness.

I wrote a report about them for the food blog mmm-yoso!!!


Has anyone else ever heard of these? When I googled tacos vampiras or vampire tacos, there seem to be very few mentions of them anywhere, one person having run into them in Matzatlan and another in Cabo. Those locations might indicate that vampire tacos are merely a tourist item, but the taquerias that serve them in my area primarily cater to a Mexican clientele.


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