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Valle de Guadalupe - Indigenous Cooking [Split from Mexico board]

Eat_Nopal | May 10, 2008 08:49 PM

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I am expressing personal preference... I think carrying the pyramid on ones back... or the Nopal on one's forehead is a quintessential Mexican characteristic.... we are a conflicted people, with a conflicted complex history... but can deal with it and smile... the V de G people are getting off too easy, imho!

While B.C. may not have the indigenous richness of MesoAmerica.... it has been inhabited by native peoples with unique cultures... talk about harmony & balance with the environment... these people were THE original environmentalists... there is much homage to pay. But that is me... I hold the Cocina de Autor places in lower regard to those arduously working to create something for the whole body of the National cuisine.

Yo know 50 years from now... perhaps nobody will even think of Laja and the local wineries... but if they invent some thing long lasting, something classic, something that adds to that cliched but relevant term... "Patrimonio Nacional" ... that is more powerful in my opinion.

And perhaps Jair & gang are the typical pioneers that bring attention and construct a human foundation of talent & know how that gets superceded by the next generation of iconoclasts etc., as seems to happen in all Art genres.

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