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Upi Jaya, 2nded

Nirav Soni | Nov 7, 2004 12:56 AM

A brief note to recommend the restaurant Upi Jaya to interested parties. My friends and I have had very, very minimal Southeast Asian dining experience, let alone Indonesian, but we managed to have a fine meal between the 4 of us. One of us ordered an avocado, basil seed, and something else drink, which looked very tasty, and which she said was. The stuffed tofu appetizers were great, the potato/sweet corn croquettes were pleasant, but nothing too exciting.

We all shared a few things, (proper designators are absent, as I didn't think to bring a pen and paper): kale with coconut milk, rendang chicken, curry lamb and curry jackfruit. The jackfruit curry was easily the most exciting and yummy, the kale with coconut milk was also very nice, and the chicken and lamb I have nothing interesting to say about. I wish we'd known to order a more diverse (and less curried) bunch of dishes, but that's what happens, I suppose when you have 4 people rather cautiously approaching a cuisine with no prior experience. Maybe next time I'll tell the waiter: "We have x amount of dollars between all of us, and we'd like to have an interesting meal that is a) diverse and b) extremely spicy in some regard; show off your strengths." I do not know the possible success of this technique, the last time I tried this was at Tangra Masala in Elmhurst, and we got a kind of generic meal of hot & sour soup, veggie manchurian and hakka noodles, which is ok I suppose, but altogether too starchy. We finished with some desert that our waiter said translated to something like "beautiful country" or something like that. It was a small gelatinous mass with some dried fruit inhereing withing; with a chocolately and fruity sauce outside. The total was like $60 for the 4 of us, and was very reasonable.

Vegetarians would do well to note that the veggie options are plentiful and tasty.

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