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Update on screw-ups - and a question


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Update on screw-ups - and a question

krissywats | Jan 25, 2006 09:15 PM

I'm finding the more I go with my 'pick new recipes more often' plan, the more serious screw-ups I have.

Re: the too hot Emeril (damn you Emeril!) chili from last week: I drained out most of the liquid and then froze it. Thawed out half of it last weekend to layer over nachos with a yummy garlic cheese sauce. Huge hit. Once the liquid was gone and the spice was tamed (I also added some roasted corn), the wonderful chili, cumin, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa flavors melded with the onion and garlic. They were great nachos. I was thinking of doing some sort of Mexican lasagna for the other half.

OK, so today's screw up was blondies. Tried a new recipe and added butterscotch. No idea what went wrong, but I think it needed more flour - it seemed oddly time consuming for something as easy as blondies. Oh well, back to the old recipe. Anyway, now I have a large bowl filled with a buttery, sugary, butterscotchy, crumbly but very moist goo. I was thinking it would work for a pie crust, or a crumble topping - but on what? It's seriously sweet, too, so I might have to use it mixed with something else. Any ideas?

Wow, I used to have tons of successes to report - recipes seem to mess with me. I swear I'll report when I have one.

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