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UPDATE! Bella Vita lo-carb pasta at Trader Joes.


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UPDATE! Bella Vita lo-carb pasta at Trader Joes.

Mr. Taster | Jun 17, 2004 10:23 AM

Thought that you might be interested to see my email and response from the Racconto company, makers of Bella Vita lo-carb pasta (I had a thread on this about 8-10 months ago but can't find it now)


Mr. Tastert


Hello-- about 1.5 years ago I purchased your bella vita lo carb pasta at Trader joes. It was quite good-- and it was a miracle for my diabetes because I could once again eat a big bowl of pasta for dinner with very little effect on my blood sugar. Soon after (around January), your pasta disappeared from Trader Joe's shelves. I thought it was gone for good. About 6 months later, it reappeared... but it didn't look right. The pasta was now a very deep brown, and the texture looked gritty and crumbly whereas before it was smooth. No matter though, I bought 2 boxes and boiled some up when I got home. The steam coming off the pasta now had a strong, offensive odor, and the texture was really awful. I asked Trader Joe's what the problem was and they said you changed the recipe. What is the story here? If this is the case, I want the old recipe back! Is there any chance of this happening? Your pasta now (at least 8 months ago, when I last tried it) is simply not edible. Please advise!


Your question is a legitimate one - please let me explain....

We had begun making the low carb line in Italy in a small plant that did the manufacturing all by hand. When Trader Joe's took on the product, the small plant could not keep up with the demand, so we had to move to a larger plant. The larger plant uses a lot of different equipment, and they found that the pasta would not stay together in their machinery the way it was. In order to keep it together and keep up with the demand, they would have had to add wheat or soy to the original recipe. Wheat is out of the question, as it would have added carbs to the product, making it no longer low carb. So, we went with soy. The soy makes the product appear darker and it does alter the taste. Now, obviously that has caused a lot of problems for many of our customers. So, to fix that issue, what we have decided to do is continue to keep the Bella Vita available in low carb - for those people who are adamant about the extremely low carbs, and are less worried about the taste, and then begin to work on a new product with the original recipe (and a little more wheat) and label it as a "reduced carb product." Of course, nothing is easy and with the FDA not having any type of rules or regulations on what is considered "low carb" or "reduced carb" we have been working hard to fin the correct definition of the terms and how we can bring back the original product - or something as close to it as possible. The reduced carb line of products has not come out yet, but will be available soon. It will be listed as Racconto Reduced Carb, so it will have slightly more carbs than the original, but a lot less than regular pasta, and it will taste a lot more like regular pasta due to the additional wheat that will be added.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I hope this has answered your question. If you would like, please check back with me in about a month or so and if we have begun to load our warehouse, I would be more than happy to send you out a few boxes to try - on us.

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