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Unusual restaurant requests - and responses


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Unusual restaurant requests - and responses

ferventfoodie | Jul 7, 2013 11:10 PM

Have any of you ever made a somehat unusual request at a restaurant
and received an amusing - or annoying - response? Here's an example
from my experience.

We had become friendly with the chef/owner of a small, upscale French
restaurant near our home. Because of its prices and sophisticated
menu, it was considered by many to be a "special occasion" spot
meaning it was often packed on weekends and holidays and almost
empty during the week, when we preferred to dine there. The chef often
used the "down" time to experiment with new dishes and would ask us
to sample them.

Arriving on such a slow night, we were greeted by a waiter we did not
know and never thought to mention that the chef liked to be told when
we came in. The place was otherwise empty as we were finishing our
entrees and a group of six entered and was seated near us. While he was distributing menus, the waiter mentioned the chef had just added a
special appetizer - sauteed foie gras and fresh figs with port wine sauce.

My husband must have seen my eyes light up as I contemplated the
possibility of three of my favorite things on a single plate. When the
waiter cleared the plates, he asked if we would be having dessert.
"We'll have the foie gras", my husband replied. The server laughed and
repeated his question. My husband repeated his response - which sent
the waiter scurrying down the steps to the basement kitchen.

I could see the stairs at the back of the restaurant from my seat and
soon a toque began to appear on them. While only the chef's head was
visible to the diners, the waiter began to point at us nervously.

As soon as the chef recognized us, he laughed and waved - and returned to the kitchen to prepare our "dessert".

Anyone else care to share?

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