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Things you wish you could "Untaste"?


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Things you wish you could "Untaste"?

Steve Green | Nov 13, 2012 07:59 AM

For me, there's been two things recently:

1. The "classic" Thanksgiving string bean/ mushroom soup/ fried onion casserole.

Somehow I've managed to get through my whole life up to now, never having tried this. Too bad my luck didn't hold out. I was at Costco the other day, and they were handing this stuff out as samples. I figured, "hey, how bad could it be?" I simply could not believe how horrid it was -- I actually had to grab a napkin and spit it out.

Now granted, I'm sure it's better if you use fresh string beans, scratch-made mushroom soup and homemade onion rings, but really, who does that anyway? Besides, for me at least, the flavor and texture combo is a huge fail, and wouldn't be much improved by fresh components. Amazing that this seems to be a popular dish.

2. Scotty's Butterscotch Soda (found at one of those old-timey soda and candy shoppes - in all fairness, my expectations were not high):

Words completely fail me in describing how utterly vile and disgusting this concoction really is. The closest it has come to a stick of butter, is the rendering of said stick on the bottle label. Speaking of things rendered, I'd sooner drink from a rancid fast-food grease-trap than sample this chemical abomination again. (In case that sounded ambivalent, I could add that the ink used to print the label would probably taste better than the soda.)

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