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Unhappy thing I'd nearly forgotten to post re: Luscious Food (PS)

planetjess | Sep 28, 201112:06 PM

This happened a few weeks back, and I'd almost forgotten to post about it--I've been ordering more often from the more confined stable of restaurants that are available on Seamless in PS, just because the payment process is so much easier. Normally, Luscious Food isn't the kind of place I'd go out of my way to order from, but we were in the mood for sandwiches, and I'd heard some good things (A&S was closed at the time).

The food (that was actually delivered) was fine--my husband was not so crazy about whatever hot sub it was that he'd ordered, but my hero was ok. The problem was the service. We'd ordered a couple of the dessert items (and, given the way Seamless works, we paid for them in advance). When the order came, they were not included. Sometimes I don't bother to address stuff like this, but it was both dessert items, and I thought I should let them know and give them a chance to address the error--my base level expectation for something like this would be that the restaurant would *either* offer to send someone over with the missing items (I realize that this is not always the most practical option, particularly if the items missing don't strike the proprietor as material to the order) *or* to offer to refund the money (in this case, by calling Seamless and letting them know to take the charge off the order).

What I got was none of this. The guy on the phone when I called was an absolute jerk. No apology, not even a pro forma insincere one. Not even a "what would you like to do here"? What I got was him telling me "Ok, well, whatever. Go ahead and call Seamless and have them take the charge off." To which I responded that I wasn't sure why I should be calling Seamless and dealing with customer service at yet a second place when they should fix the mistake in some way. I wasn't asking for free anything. Either the food I'd ordered or that they arrange for a refund. I was polite but firm. Reply: "Well, I wasn't here, so I don't know what happened, and this really isn't my problem." At this point, based on his tone of voice and what I heard him saying offline to other workers, I deduced he was in some kind of managerial capacity. Finally, he said, "Fine, then. We'll send them over."

Half an hour goes by. No delivery. I then get a phone call from a different person at Luscious. Unlike the first guy, whose tone was rude from the moment he answered the phone, this guy was at least polite. He told me sorry for the inconvenience, but by the way, it turns out they didn't actually have either of the items I'd ordered (which could have explained why they weren't delivered in the first place--I've had this happen before with Seamless, and every time the restaurant calls me at the phone number they get on my order and let me know, then offer me a substitution or a refund). Nor had the rude guy checked when stating that none of it was his problem but finally agreeing to send them over. I said that was ok, but I'd appreciate if they could deal with contacting Seamless to arrange for the refund. This second guy agreed.

I have never received the refund. I don't care about the money. It's really paltry. I care about the fact that they didn't bother to let me know in the first place, treated me rudely when I called to seek redress, couldn't follow through on what they ultimately agreed to send, and then reneged on their commitment to fix it. Based on the food, I'd order from there again. Based on the total jerk who appeared to be running things, never ever ever again.

FYI, I ended up calling Seamless just on principle (feeling like a total cheapskate for making a big deal over a few dollars). They took care of it and were very nice.

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