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What type of refrigerator do you dream of?


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What type of refrigerator do you dream of?

lev | Jan 8, 2002 10:58 AM

Although being an avid cook, I am an architect by profession. We are designing a sizable loft at the moment and there’s a big debate going on regarding what type of refrigerator would be the most efficient & practical in a kitchen with no real constraints to speak of. I am aware of various commercial kitchen set-ups having worked as a line cook for a few months … large walk-in coolers & freezers with under-the-counter drawer type fridges along each station.

In this large open loft, I had proposed a very large island of allowing for a very spacious 3ft deep working surface with another 3ft for space for guests to sit around making the kitchen THE focal point of the space. The initial idea was to have everything necessary under the counter … a whole line of fridges (w/ doors & drawers as necessary) & freezers, dishwasher, etc … not being sure if the ovens should be under or built into the wall behind.

The debate is whether it is more practical & convenient to have traditional double-door fridges built into the wall or under-the-counter commercial ones. The big argument seems to be that it would be impractical in having to bend down every time one reaches to grab something out of the fridge. In my personal experience in a commercial kitchen, I’ve never noticed any discomfort in having to do so since the counter is right in front of my nose to put whatever I reached for on in a matter of seconds.

So, the question to you, the professional chefs, is:

Which would you prefer, without any constraints (practical or financial), in your own private kitchen …traditional built-in wall fridges or a series of under-the-counter (drawer or door or both) fridges?

And Why?

Thank you for all who respond,

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