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The Best Type of Dessert in the World - Cookies

brodie9930 | Dec 10, 201410:02 AM     1

There is a wide variety of desserts but there is one kind that stands out from the rest, and that kind is cookies. Yes you heard right, America's most popular dessert. Let me tell you why cookies may just be the best dessert.
The first reason comes from when I was little. My mother and I loved to make cookies together because they were simple and fast to make. Yes cookies are so simple that a child could make them, but that is not the reason, the reason is that the are easy, fast and simple. Have a last minute pot luck? You would probable make some cookies.
Reason number two. Cookies may just be one of the only desserts that you can add anything to. You can make any kind of cookie from classic chocolate chip to some weird pile of gummy worms with marshmallows jammed with a gallon of sugar and it keeps going on with any spice, chocolate, candy, fruit, ingredients you want.
The last reason is the texture and taste. Not only does it taste good, it also feels soft or crunchy making a party in your mouth. Ever have a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven, but not so fresh that it burns your tongue? How did it feel to taste the warm melted chocolate and warm soft dough of the cookie? I bet you felt like time had stopped for a moment.
That's it. That is why I and many others love cookies.
Tell me how you feel about cookies and what is your favourite?

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